Seven members of Pakistan-origin family killed in Canada house fire

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One of the casualties were four children. Five of the residents were able to flee from your house during the fire. Based on the prayer leader of Calgary mosque, Syed Suharwardy, there were two individuals residing inside your home at the time of the incident.

He included that one of the individuals had arrived several days before to remain at the residence.

‘In contact with Canadian authorities’

Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri stated suffering on the episode and claimed, “Our ideas and wishes are with the individuals of the victims with this sad incident. We also hope for rapid and full healing of the hurt “.  latest world news


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The spokesperson further stated that the country’s consulate basic in Vancouver was in contact with Canadian authorities to ascertain the facts ultimately causing the incident.

He included that officials were also in contact with the bereaved family to give help them.

The spokesperson further stated that the reason for the fireplace was not known, adding the authorities had eliminated the engagement of a offender act.

Canada drew the world’s interest last month after the eliminating of a Pakistan-origin family in Ontario.

The household lost members from three decades after it was targeted in a “religiously-motivated” attack whenever a pick-up truck ran over them in the south of Canada’s Ontario province while these were waiting on the pavement to combination the road.

Authorities claimed the household dropped feed to be Muslim and the attack appeared to be a “premeditated” one.


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