Best Things to do in Gran Canaria:

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Gran Canaria is the third largest island in the Canary Islands and has the greatest population. It’s often called a “continent in miniature” because it’s so much variety to offer.The public transportation system is well organized and economical. There are regular buses that go throughout the island, the majority of the ones useful for tourists run through Avda.The climate is subtropical semi-arid for most locations, however it can vary a lot according to where you are going. For the main touristic resorts, the weather is mainly comfortable.In Maspalomas there is normally 28-33 degrees in July at daytime, which drops to 21-24 by night. In winter, day temperature is usually 23 and by night 16-17.The west coast of Gran Canaria is sparsely populated, vertiginous and spectacular: the right winter break for folks who would like to get from it all, with a little warmth thrown in.As well as winter sunshine, Puerto de Mogán offers a pretty harbour of low-rise apartments with brightly painted window frames, picturesque bridges within the channels and flower-covered archways above the cobbled, car-free lanes. TheMaspalomas Dunes are one of the island’s symbols – walking along these dunes could make you feel like you’re visiting one of the world’s great desserts, although you have some hotels still in sight (depending on where you are).Situated inside Nublo Rural Park, Roque Nublo is yet another symbol of Gran Canaria, seen on many postcards and souvenirs obsessed about the island.Trekking to see Roque Nuble is easy and the route starts from the main road. From here you have around 1,5 km to walk and soon you reach the famous rock and also its “brother” Roque de la Rana.Since you are on vacation on an island, a good idea for a day out would be to be on a boat trip: start to see the coast and also dolphins within their natural habitat. Most excursions may also include soft drinks and pick-up from your hotel, so all you’ve got to complete is to savor the experience.Las Palmas is just a lively city, perfect for an area break if you intend to explore more across the city. The beach of Las Canteras is a popular beach not only on the island but additionally in most of Spain.If you like visiting ZOOs this is actually the spot to see in Gran Canaria. For any occasion in Gran Canaria with the youngsters this is a superb day out and it’s better to decide on a cloudy day for your visit, which means you don’t get a sunburn.

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